My name is

Kristoffer Hari,

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Welcome to my story.

Kristoffer Hari


Hello, my name is (as seen above several times), Kristoffer Hari. Welcome to my story! I'm an athlete by heart and I like to develop new algorithms and software through various CS languages (weird mixture, right?). Interested in finding out more about me? Keep scrolling! Oh, and thank you for checking out my website! I hope it falls in your taste :)

Who am I?


Athlete. Student. Fluent in 4 languages. Computer Science Enthusiast. Future prospects currently indicates a start-up in the nearest future at the IT-University of Copenhagen within software development. As of 2013, I decided to pursue an athletic track career.

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About me

I have been an athlete my entire life, playing and competing in everything from gymnastics and soccer, to basketball and dance. Once I turned 15 years old and realised how hard life was gonna hit me back sometimes, I had to learn on my own. A few years later, I was a full-on athlete freak! I was the Danish Champion, #1 ranking in my certified age-group (worldwide), I worked out everyday, and I was attending a sports oriented high-school. My goals slightly shifted to something more extreme at some point, and after a brief stint of leaning out with immense results, I was ready to do something else.. or at least be able to do something else besides running really fast. It was at this point that I turned my eyes to higher academics. I started an interest for software development and general IT algorithms (CS), and finished my first couple of software development courses in 2016 (a.k.a. the fundamentals of computer science). I fell in love with it! It didn't seem like the biggest chore in the world, I could focus my attention on just improving for however long I went for, and every single line of new code presented new challenges. I eventually started an intensive CS study after graduating from high school. Harvard CS was my bid (I hadn't coded since prior to my final year in high school), and I decided to take on new challenges. Some front-end, some back-end, some log manipulation later and here I am.



Currently an athlete in pursuit of optimization. Nordic and European Record Holder over several distances.


Currently working on CS50 by Harvard University and Codecademy which covers the ability to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently.


Very strong work ethic and highly motivated. I always try to bring on a set amount of determination and group-cohesion.



Track and Field - The Beginning

I started running Track around the age of 14. At the time, I was busy trying to pursue a soccer career with my class-mates. My dad had been in the game for over 30 years at the time, and funny enough, during my really early childhood days - I had never considered running Track until I one day decided to head out to one of his practice sessions at the age of 7 or so. I was astonished by the positive and hard-working athletes around the track that day. I remember heading out with him more frequently to his practice sessions, just running around the track with a star-wars lightsaber in my hand, pretending to be slaying invisible monsters. As time went by (7 years, lmao), I decided to slowly start practicing once a week with the senior group. I quickly learned that I was faster (or on par) with almost all of them, so I decided to quit soccer and pursue an athletic career.

High School - Student Athlete

I realized that I was fortunate to be in the position I was in. I earned a spot at a national sports-federation supported high school. Many people would of loved to had been where I was. I was getting paid to run, in the grand scheme of things I don’t have a lot to complain about, but the life of a student-athlete is far from easy. When everyone was leaving for summer break, so was I. But my summer break was more lke 10 days instead of 6 weeks. Just a few days after finals we began “transitioning” workouts. What “transitioning” really means is that you're transitioning into the busy schedule of an athlete in-season. Therefore the majority of my time during the summer was spent working hard and getting ready for the upcoming season. But these workouts are only the calm before the storm, because the season isn’t optional as a top-class athlete. During camps, Track and Field is a full-time job. When school starts, that doesn’t change. There are a few fewer hours spent on the field, but those hours are now committed towards the classroom. I did have to take real classes, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that balancing your sport with your school work is no simple task. Because of my tight schedule I couldn't always take classes after 2:00 P.M. And after practice finishes at around 8:00 P.M, catching up with school work isn’t always the first thing on your mind. Traveling every other weekend can cause you to miss out on class time and a social life. Being a student-athlete is a full-time job, it’s not easy. But in the end life-awareness and a scholarship check at the beginning of the quarter or year makes it all worthwhile.

Codecademy - Learning to code

When I was about 17, I randomly decided to participate in an online hackathon, where you learn how to make a basic Ruby on Rails application in a day, then get feedback through a cloud-based integrated markup supporting server. I made a basic Ruby on Rails application and very much enjoyed it. My online "counselor" gave me ratings off the chart. A seed was planted that day. Months later, I had an idea for a website and an application I've always wanted to build. Although my idea was vague, in this website and application, I imagined it would inspire go-getters. I thought it would either be a career type of website, or one in the health and fitness space. I strongly felt such a product was sorely needed and I felt like I had a pretty good perspective and vision to create it. Although I hadn't committed to learning programming just yet, I would sketch out mocks. Then one day, post-practice, I came home and decided to google probably one of the most googled terms in 2kxx "How to code". I found Codecademy, and I started learning essentials and fundamentals of every language I could wrap my mind around. I'm still learning and taking courses on Codecademy to this very day.


University of Harvard

Computer Science - Software Development

I was a slow starter, 18. I barely knew how to run a compiler program, as I originally started school with the intent to graduate with a degree in medicine and become something like a neurologist. When a buddy gave me an assignment of helping him with a brand new website, the rest is history. I must have tinkered with that new website for 20 hours a day flipping google searches in attempts to understand how HTML worked. As a result, I enrolled in a few CS classes. Currently working on CS50.




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